An Online Life Portfolio

This is an online portfolio for me, James Loizou, a video producer and multi-media producer based out of Washington, DC. The website features a wide variety of projects and behind-the-scenes photos for some of my favorite professional and personal endeavors. Also, check out my blog where I guarantee no consistency of posts or humor. 



Since studying design and architecture abroad in Vienna, Austria, I vowed to see the world through my own eyes, sketches and, of course, video. Now, with Christine as my travel partner, we document the memories in an ongoing Travel Series.



Without our plus-ones, the Gang went on the rare international excursion to celebrate groom-to-be Adam and just generally knowing each other for far too long. Flying to Munich and autobahn-ing to Steve and Kristine’s German haus, the gang set out for a beer bath adventure in Prague.



Christine and I flew into Zurich and slowly snaked through the Alps to Geneva (via trains, not snakes). But for a change of pace, we ignored the big cities and instead embraced the little towns. Think lederhosen without the lederhosen.



During Labor Day week, "The Gang" forged a friendscation to help give the Hojnicki's a proper sendoff from their Hawaiian paradise. This video features brothers-by-bond Adam, Robert and Steve and our beautiful companions Rebecca, Patricia, Kristine and... Christine.



Hot on the heels of our wedding day, Christine and I sailed through the canals of Venice. We wrapped ourselves in the leathers of Florence. And we defeated the selfie-stick salesmen of Rome, while pioneering our own far more obnoxious form of self-portrait photography: the selfie-spin. This is the first travel video not to use my signature "flip book" style and the second video to embrace an Imagine Dragons tune ("I Bet My Life"). Before its debut, the episode was properly teased with my Taste of Espresso outtake.  



Traveling to Antigua for the wedding of John Lane and Lotti Friar, Christine and I, as well as a small group of friends, embraced the destination wedding with a week-long excursion through Guatemala. Using my new Sony Alpha a7S Mirrorless Digital Camera, this is the first travel piece to incorporate actual video footage and natural audio. Blanquito Man/Control Machete/Celso Pina's "Cumbia Sobre El Rio" drives the video with a steady, Spanish sound. This video was created from the over 20,000 photos taken during the week-long trip to Antigua and Lake Atitlan.



Work ignited another international romp, taking Christine and me to London and Paris. From Scotch Eggs and bar crawls to the Louvre and ballets, Christine and I embraced Western Europe with thousands of photos to show for it. The soundtrack to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty followed us with Of Monsters and Men’s “Dirty Paws” featured in this tribute.



Meeting Christine half-way around the world during a work trip, our Asian adventure took us through the beaches of Bintan, the skyscrapers of Singapore and the elephants of Phuket. Recently discovering one of our favorite Bands, Imagine Dragons, "On Top of the World" solidifies the summer that was 2012.



Days after purchasing my first DSLR camera, the Sony Alpha DSLR-A350, I began a month-long journey in Vienna and other parts of central Europe through the UMBAU School of Architecture and Design. Wanting to make a video commemorating the trip but lacking any video recording capabilities, I held the SLR's shutter down endlessly, eventually creating a digital "flip book." Passion Pit's "Moth's Wings" moves the viewer through Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Kraków and Hallstatt.