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This is an online portfolio for me, James Loizou, a video producer and multi-media producer based out of Washington, DC. The website features a wide variety of projects and behind-the-scenes photos for some of my favorite professional and personal endeavors. Also, check out my blog where I guarantee no consistency of posts or humor. 



Adam Ressa, Ryan Holman, Jessica Long and I were finalists in Walt Disney Imagineering’s 2010 ImagiNations Design Competition. Through Virginia Tech, our team submitted a proposal entitled THE MiLLENNiAL MUSEUM and placed third in the international contest. The entry included a three minute video featurette, visitor's guide mockup, floor plan book and model.



Taking place after the Disney-Pixar film WALL-E, THE MiLLENNiAL MUSEUM invites visitors to experience a futuristic museum that attempts to look back and document humans of the 21st century. With humor, satire and charm, THE MiLLENNiAL MUSEUM re-imagines the most basic concepts of daily millennial life, including farming, commutes, ties and birthday cakes. Guests would leave the attraction entertained and even enlightened with a newfound curiosity for our behavior and appreciation for our planet. Editing and composite effects by Ryan Holman.


Meet Tour-Bot

Designed to welcome visitors, this 60 second promotional video highlights THE MiLLENNiAL MUSEUM's main attractions through 1950s-inspired narration and 1960s-inspired cut-out design. As the official welcoming-committee, Tour-Bot greets park guests and provides narrative continuity throughout the attraction experience.


Visitor's Guide

The Visitor's Guide mockup was designed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, featuring previously-created multi-media renderings using pencil and pen. 


Exhibit Posters

While the futuristic and grunge settings of WALL-E influenced the attraction's architecture and design, retro Disney park posters inspired the look and language of THE MiLLENNiAL MUSEUM.





Adam Ressa and Jessica Long designed and constructed the exterior model of the AXIOM, home to THE MiLLENNiAL MUSEUM. The model base was built with with styrofoam, cheesecloth, wire mesh netting, Sculpt or Coat, spray paint and water color. The mock-up served as a visual centerpiece to the proposal that embodied both the facility's advanced technology, as well as the ship's aesthetic merging with the environment.

Adam Ressa drafted the floor plans for each "deck" of the AXIOM with Vector Works. The design is in 1/40" scale and was printed and bound into a 11 x 17" floor plan book with transparency sheets detailing each deck's media. THE MiLLENNiAL MUSEUM facility would span roughly 600 feet (larger than a football stadium).


This project is the sole property of Walt Disney and Walt Disney Imagineering.