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This is an online portfolio for me, James Loizou, a video producer and multi-media producer based out of Washington, DC. The website features a wide variety of projects and behind-the-scenes photos for some of my favorite professional and personal endeavors. Also, check out my blog where I guarantee no consistency of posts or humor. 



Memoirs of the Deep began as a short story creative exercise and eventually led to a sprawling endeavor that has involved and inspired contributions from several talented artists. With concept renderings, storyboards and a [very] rough cut, this remains one of my most interesting and most unfinished passion projects.


Featuring the brilliant illustrations of Jared Boggess, this animated storyboard takes the viewer from bad to worse as Yunus Mauw witnesses the death of a new diver moments before his first drop into the Deep. 

Illustration Elements by Jared Boggess

Working closely with my co-producer Ryan Holman and me, Jared reinterpreted the script with new character sketches and storyboards. He then sketched and digitally colored each scene's elements separately, providing detailed Photoshop layers for Ryan and I move in After Effects.

Memoirs of the Deep Renderings by Jared Boggess

Concept Rendering by Lane Garrison

After meeting Lane Garrison through Walt Disney Imagineering's ImagiNations Design Competition, Ryan and I approached him about a short animation concept. Lane immediately began sketching Yunus Mauw. Through his haphazard lines of ragged mischievousness, Lane established a look that continues to define the character and project. 

Memoirs of the Deep Renderings by Lane Garrison

Storyboards by Ben Nicholson

To help translate the script into cinematic form, I collaborated with Ben Nicholson to create the first storyboard for the chamber sequence. Ben not only visualized the scene moment-to-moment, but he was also one of the first artists to fully interpret the overall world of the Deep with stylized character and set designs.


Sketches by James Loizou

Perhaps resembling the fictional "memoir" by Yunus Mauw, my own Moleskine is filled with loose sketches and notes about the world of the Deep. From its history to the technology to the characters and more, stories of the Deep and its mythology fill these pages with the hope to someday inspire further projects.

Memoirs of the Deep Renderings by James Loizou