An Online Life Portfolio

This is an online portfolio for me, James Loizou, a video producer and multi-media producer based out of Washington, DC. The website features a wide variety of projects and behind-the-scenes photos for some of my favorite professional and personal endeavors. Also, check out my blog where I guarantee no consistency of posts or humor. 



For over eight years, I've had the unique opportunity to develop my own marketing skills alongside the growth of LAI Video, a booming communications shop that specializes in video-driven campaigns. Some have even said that I've been genetically engineered for this role having previously interned for the then unnamed program. Now, as Vice President, I'm proud to work alongside a super-human group of "nerds" that continually experiment with new and striking ways to tell a story.


It's time to level-up your typical corporate video production company! Pivoting from simple "video-making" to holistic, campaign-driven marketing, we developed "the Nerds" — a new way of talking about our expertise with partners that are interested in something fresh. This initiative was spearheaded by Senior Creative Director James Favata, scripted by Justin Kelly and willed to life by Rob Kramer.



Our partners trust us to tell their stories through clever and compelling video marketing. Together, we produce emotional narratives that challenge viewers to take action. Through animation, we create whole worlds and twist brands into new territory. No matter how much we plot and plan, we still discover those wonderful and unexpected moments.  And, when not overtaken by sheer exhaustion, we have a bit of fun.

This behind-the-scenes look features fellow nerds talking about our approach to finding a story with a collaborative team and client experience.



With a focus on business development, I'm often on the hunt for new partners. The types of folks who are open to ideas and not afraid to challenge us with difficult messaging or unorthodox methods.  Sure, we're usually talking about “corporate” video, but it doesn’t have to be “corporate,” ya know?

After the 2016 election, I attempted to inspire weary marketers of the incredible opportunity before them. With the changing of administrations, it's time to dust off your video pitch and tell your story. Again.