An Online Life Portfolio

This is an online portfolio for me, James Loizou, a video producer and multi-media producer based out of Washington, DC. The website features a wide variety of projects and behind-the-scenes photos for some of my favorite professional and personal endeavors. Also, check out my blog where I guarantee no consistency of posts or humor. 



A self-proclaimed "video guy," I'm also a Disney nut, design freak, lover of Apple, traveler of earth, casual distance runner and Star Wars purist. Professionally, I run LAI Video, a fast-growing digital production shop. Personally, I live in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of DC with my wife Christine. We make regular videos about our travels, trips and other miscellaneous times.


Photo by Sam Hurd

While technically an office romance, our twenty-something love was born out of friendship. Meeting at Leading Authorities many years ago, Christine and I quickly became companions. After countless dance parties, board games and failed camping trips, our relationship evolved. James-tine. Christames -- these are some of the names that no one calls us. But regardless, our lives merged together. 

As part of the traditional morning-of gift-exchange, I presented Christine with a video tribute of the little moments leading up to our wedding. Using a When Harry Met Sally-inspired approach, the video is also bookended with clips of my Papou and Yiayia sharing stories of their first encounter over sixty years ago. 


My dad is a CPA and a constant reminder that anything is possible with drive and dedication.  A fan of good art and good entertainment, my mom has always supported my passion-turned-career for video-making. I have two little sisters, three older sisters[in-laws] and three same-aged guys that I've known for so long that I'm legally obligated to call them brothers.


I am the product of the rolling suburbs of Northern Virginia, attending some of the finest public mega-schools in the area. I completed my liberal arts education and overall well-rounded-ness at James Madison University. Coming out of the School of Media Arts and Design, I regularly go back to Harrisonburg to share grown-up experiences with students and recruit fellow SMAD-udates. After college, I enjoyed a life-changing stint in Vienna, Austria, absorbing good design and "BUILDING PUCCINI" with my buddy Corbin through the Umbau School of Architecture. 


"Loizou" is a Cypriot last name, coming from my grandfather's Greek roots. I'm actually named after both of my "Papous" and receive my middle name from my father Dean.